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Jennifer Fillinger

Jenny Fillinger has always loved music and playing the piano for her parents and grandparents. Jenny began taking piano lessons around the age of 5 years old when she lived in Glen Burnie, Maryland. After taking a break from piano, Jenny moved to North Carolina as an 8th grader and was trained classically until her senior year of high school by Georgia Colon. In the midst of high school, God called Jenny to become a part of her Church’s Youth Group’s worship band as their keys player. Jenny fell in love with worshipping God through being on stage and giving her gift of piano back to the Lord. Jenny continues to play on Manna Church’s worship team as both a Music Director and a Keys player.


Jenny has an Associate’s in Culinary Arts from Sandhills Community College and an Associate’s in Worship Ministry from Manna University. She was classically trained for a total of 5 years and self-trained in playing with a band for over 6 years. Jenny serves as a Keys Coach at Manna Church’s worship small group titled, “Infuse.” During Infuse, Jenny instructs and coaches new additions to the worship team who play keys in hopes for them to gain more knowledge about piano and to grow in their skill. Jenny continues to have a passion for growing her own skill as she pursues deeper knowledge in education and styles of playing.


Jenny has over 11 years of experience in both classical and non-classical styles of piano. Jenny currently has 2 years of experience in coaching and teaching piano both in the Church setting and outside. She recently began giving piano lessons to worship students, who are pursuing their degree in Worship Ministry at Manna University. Jenny enjoys teaching students of all ages and delights in walking with students from the very beginning. Jenny has served both as a Kindergarten Sunday School teacher and a Middle School Youth Group leader for over 3 years and has a passion to help students of any age grow in their skills, gifts, and passions.